Best Credit Card in South Africa


There are many credit cards to choose from in South Africa from traditional banks and also their affinity partners such as retail stores. We have searched the market to make it easy for you to compare the most important credit card features such as the interest rate you will pay on a negative balance and the minimum monthly repayment you will need to make. Compare and apply in minutes. We have also compared best credit card rewards program South Africa


Credit Card Initiation Fee Monthly Fee Interest Free (days) Minimum Monthly Salary Required
Absa Student Credit R160 R25 57d R800
Absa Transact Credit R160 R35 57d R2 000
Nedbank Classic Credit R188 R37 55d R3 000
Absa Gold Credit R160 R40 57d R4 000
FNB Gold Credit R188 R43 55d R6 700
Nedbank Gold Credit R165 R43 55d R8 300
Standard Bank Gold Credit R165 R45 55d R5 000
Capitec Global One Credit R100 R50 55d
Standard Bank Titanium Credit R165 R67 55d R25 000
Standard Bank Platinum Credit R165 R67 55d R58 000
Absa Platinum Credit R160 R68 57d R25 000
Nedbank Platinum Credit R188 R68 55d R29 000
FNB Premier Credit R165 R76 55d R29 000
FNB Private Clients Credit R165 R170 55d R62 500
FNB Private Wealth Credit R165 R200 55d R125 000

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